A matrix-math calculator you stick inside your own computer

The following is the Python code for a matrix arithmetic (I'm not sure it qualifies as "matrix algebra") utility, capable of handling matrices and vectors of any size, with or without complex elements. The server-side version, to which a link is provided at the bottom of this page, is similar, and maybe better. I wrote this client-side version as an exercise in Python GUI's, my first and probably my last. It depends on Tk, not wxPython, which is as far as I know the only other suite of user-interface instrumentation for this handy but inefficient language; the latter looked better, but the former had slightly less obstructively European documentation. Really, all European things are like Presta valves on bicycle inner tubes: you just wonder at the complication that, besides being silly, is tiny. Give me a good ol' American corporate let's-get-organized-and-make-a-BIG-thing-GO product. Ideally, of course, it should all be in good ol' JavaScript. A Java applet would be second-best. I favored Python because it already has all the complex-number-handlin' libraries. I considered Jython, but rejected it when I read, or thought I read, that Jython is Python with Java's libraries; I wanted the converse. Annnnyway...

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to www.python.org and download the Python executable if (as is generally the case) one's computer lacks it. Version 2.5 is recommended. 2.3 will not work, because I use the "set" command. 2.7 seems to work, but insists weirdly on pre-checking ALL the radio buttons. (Contrary to the Tk documentation, ".deselect()" has no effect.) I strongly doubt that any of the 3's will work.
  2. In the Python IDLE, open a new window.
  3. Then, copy all this stuff and paste it into that window. If your browser isn't fussy, you can just mouse over "this stuff" and it will be copied to your clipboard.

  4. Save this under any name anywhere. Your desktop will work fine. If you choose to put it somewhere out of sight, put a shortcut to it on your desktop.
  5. Click the file, or its shortcut. There you are! Boa sorte!

The server-side version