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The capital feature of this website, but the one you probably didn't come for, is a Turkish-to-English translator. Owing to limitations explained elsewhere, it is set up as a Turkish grammar illustrator: you give it a grammatically correct sentence drawing on a limited vocabulary, and it shows you, in color, what the words mean and then where they must go to add up to an intelligible English sentence. As a tutorial if not a tercüman, I think you'll find it useful, and I believe it does (just) qualify as "Turkish translation software." I invite you to open the translator itself, as well as the sample sentences and a glossary. (I used to have a single open-em-all link but it just wouldn't work with today's modern "security" interlocks. Well, now I present them with singly-dedicated links. For tutorial purposes, you really will need at least the sample sentences.)

Travel material - of which to my knowledge only the Colombia piece has ever been sought - is here.

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